Crystal Lake Park

For more than a century, generations of Urbana residents have been enchanted by the natural beauty of Crystal Lake Park. From canoeing and paddle boating, special events at the Lake House or family picnics in the park, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this community treasure.

Throughout its history, the park has received periodic upgrades, and it’s now been 30 years since the park has last seen improvements. Right now the park is facing a critical time as the lake, and aging amenities, require immediate attention to preserve it for future generations.

Critical improvements have already begun but much more work remains in an $8 million dollar multi-year complete park makeover. Your help is needed to do the following:

  • Enhance the beauty and vitality of Urbana’s first historic park.
  • Improve water quality and shoreline restoration. Enrich the wildlife habitat and expansive lake views.
  • Improve trails, lakeside plazas and boating areas.
  • Hhelp restore this area as the gateway to downtown Urbana and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Donors like you can help guarantee success in implementing this multi-phase rejuvenation of Crystal Lake. Whether you live in Urbana or a surrounding community, you can make a positive impact on Urbana’s Crystal Lake Park, by donating today.

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