Urbana Parks Endowment

We hear often from our visitors and program participants that the parks and programs of the Urbana Park District have a direct impact on their lives, creating fulfillment and lasting memories for them and their families.  Through the stories of joy, exploration, learning, and discovery that are shared with us, we are continually reminded of the value that our community places on Urbana Parks.  You may have your own memories from a park or program. Yet have you wondered what it has taken for the wonderful Urbana park system to become what it is today?  Tax dollars are the bedrock of support on which the Park District is built, but Urbana’s parks are the important community asset they are because of significant support received from other sources.  That’s where the Urbana Parks Foundation (UPF) comes in.

The Urbana Parks Foundation has created an endowment in order to generate a steady and reliable stream of income for the Urbana Park District. An endowment gives donors, like you, an opportunity to leverage your contributions with those from many others creating a impact that will continue forever.

  • An endowment broadens and deepens the base of financial support for all parks.
  • Multiple donors increase the impact of any single gift, many times over, and in perpetuity
  • They will help to ensure that future generations will enjoy the important benefits that a strong Urbana park system provides
  • A strong park system enhances the community economically, environmentally, educationally, socially, and contributes to an overall healthier and fit community

Your donation today through annual giving supports not just the parks immediate esthetic or environmental value, but will make in impact on them and on future generations. Strengthening parks strengthens the entire community. Whether you live in Urbana or a surrounding community, you can make a positive impact on Urbana’s Parks, by donating today.